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Glass Marker Boards
Glass Marker Boards and Signs

At Aardvark Desktop Glass  we’ll customize and install the glass marker board or sign you want for your business.  We will give you the attention and personal service you expect in order to create a clean, modern glass design.
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Aardvark Desktop Glass--Serving the Wasatch Front Since 1999

Our glass marker boards have a beautiful contemporary look that many businesses are after.  Many architects and designers now specify glass marker boards and sinage in new as well as existing office buildings.  We have installed glass marker boards and signage in many of the top law firms, title companies, and investment companies along the Wasatch Front.  They can also be installed in private residences.

​Your company name and/or logo can be etched or deep etched on the back side of the glass for a professional look.  Company names and logos can also be etched across the entire glass surface to create custom glass signs to identify your business in a building lobby.

Tempered glass is used for safety and can be made to any size up to 8 feet x 5 feet.  The glass in our markers boards is 3/8" thick with a flat, bright, polished edge.  The corners can be rounded (radius corners) to any radius, or can be square.  

Clear glass is often used over white walls, and satin glass is most often used over colored walls.   Laminated glass with a colored layer is also available.  Whether you use clear, satin, or light-colored laminated glass, all colors of markers will show on the surface of the glass.

Dry erase markers can be cleaned up with any glass cleaner--no special cleaner needed.  Glass marker boards never wear out, never look chalky, never look milky.

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Glass Marker Boards
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